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9 Tips For Hiring The Right Digital Marketing Agency

In a market as competitive as today’s you have to use all your "tools" to protect yourself and build out the best opportunities for success. A good marketing strategy today can make the difference between one product or service another that, let’s be honest from the outside is virtually the same. The way you see [...]

How an Active Blog on Your Website Affects Google Rankings

One of the most constant factors of Google search rankings is that they change. Each change brings about new rules and requirements to keep your website at the top of search engine result pages. However, while things are continually changing, there are also elements that remain constant – continually leading to more traffic, a higher [...]

8 Things That Can Badly Hurt Your Brand [Infographic]

What does your brand mean to you? Everything, right! Of course, it should mean everything you because that is your bread and butter! Be it your personal brand or your business, you want your target audience and your customers to look at your brand the same way you perceive it. But when you are not careful [...]

How to Choose a Freelance Consultant For Your Business

Businesses need new talents but do not have the desire to hire a full-time employee, in this case, they can hire a freelancer. Freelancing is on the rise in today's world. The benefit of hiring a freelancer is flexibility and money savings. Freelancers not only work on demand as needed but you can also choose [...]

10 SEO Techniques to Increase Your Local Leads Three Times

As a local company, you have scuffled to generate leads. Following old marketing techniques will definitely not help you grow your business as effectively as the new tactics do. Some of the old style SEO techniques might help to some extent, but being a small business, you should make local SEO your best friend. I [...]

Effects And Implementation Of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Let us start with, what is Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)? AMP is an open-source website publishing technology. This technology is designed to improve the performance of web content and advertisements. Google's AMP project, which includes many other large searches, social and web publishing platforms around the world. AMP pages are published on the open web [...]

A Simple Guide To Marketing On Reddit

Reddit is a site which more about news and information. It's like a social media bulletin board. The name Reddit arrived from the phrase " I read it on Reddit". You would want to use this media platform for content marketing or product marketing like other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc. Reddit is [...]

How Can You Grow Your Small Business By Using Artificial Intelligence

Listening to the term artificial intelligence, you may connect it to the recent incident at Facebook headquarters where two AI's started communicating with each other in their own languages. This might scare you a little, but AI is always a boom to the software world. Huge tech companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft are [...]

5 Tips To Become A Highly Paid Freelance Consultant

Becoming a freelance consultant and getting work is very easy these days. All you need is some knowledge and fantastic writing skills. You don't need to have an MBA degree in marketing. If you are a knowledge seeker and an excellent communicator you should go for this profession. In the internet, networking world getting a [...]

Top 52 Lead Generation Ideas For Real Estate Businesses

To obtain a successful real estate market share, you need work on your lead generation. You can have a considerable market share and brand name through the leads you generate. For a dominant real estate brand identity you need have higher sales in the real estate industry. This will create a real estate brand identity [...]

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