TweetShare Pro


With TweetShare you can easily create, customize and insert tweetable quotes and inline tweets for your readers on the go. It’s very simple to use and you do not require any programming knowledge to use this plugin. Just insert a shortcode with the tweetable quote and in no time that text will be enlarged and made tweetable.

With this easy to use “Tweetshare Pro – Click To Tweet” plugin you can:

  • Add your “via @username” in your tweets for branding.
  • Change the background/text color to go with your theme.
  • Enable/Disable URL shortening.
  • Select from various pre-designed themes.
  • Customize Inline tweets to match your website.
  • Access To Image Tweets which can make your posts visually appealing.
  • Statistics let you check the performance of each of your tweetboxes and inline tweets.


With the use of “Tweetshare – Click To Tweet” plugin you can generate more traffic from Twitter and makes it easier for your readers to tweet your content. It also gives you an opportunity to write microcontent to get reader’s attention.

Why You Need Tweetshare

  • Increases engagement on your post.
  • Reduces bounce rate.
  • Generate more Twitter traffic for your website.
  • Increases your brand’s awareness on Twitter.
  • Gives you better insights of which tweetbox/inline tweet is performing better than the other.

All the tools in TweetShare Plugin: “Click to Tweet”, “Inline Tweets” and “Tweet Images” have different shortcodes for easier insertion.


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